Katherine McNeill (www.katherinemcneill.com)

Katherine McNeill, a dedicated artist best known for her exquisite, vibrant, lively three dimensional oil paintings in vivid settings, from the outdoors with aspen trees and majestic mountains to splashing seascapes, larger than life floral paintings.
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Katherine McNeill Commissions
Katherine McNeill is available for commissions. Please contact Katherine today for more information!
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Art by Faith - A Book About Katherine McNeill
Art by Faith - a book by Katherine McNeill Through a blend of poetry, scripture, and life accounts, this true story offers readers a positive outlook for a positive outcome. In an intimate collection of short stories, Katherine shows us how love and determination is the fuel that enables the impossible, why faith inspires personal growth, how social customs affect our interactions, and how setting positive examples for our children create a solid foundation for a more enriched life.
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