As a dedicated artist, I am known for my vibrant aspen and mountain oil paintings. Trying to make one feel and smell the mountain air, the crunch of the quaking aspens as you are walking through the forest and to lose yourself and feel you want to step into that place for the moment.
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We have relocated

It has been along time since I have updated my web site.

After being quite ill for over a year my husband and I needed to make a drastic change in our location as I could not tolorate the high altitude any longer.  I was on oxygen 24/7.  We chose to relocate to Monterrey Tx. As our daughter relocated there prior to our decision.  It was very difficult leaving our family but necessary.  Happy to say I have never needed to be on oxygen since relocating.  We just love it here, the weather, being close to a lake, and the atmosphere, it is wonderful.

Still painting I have also new galleries. 

Coda Gallery. Palm Springs CA

Rateman Gallery, Vail CO.

Rateman Gallery, Breckenridge, CO

West Lives On Gallery, Jackson Wy.

along with T Anthony Gallery,  Park City, UT

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