From humble beginnings in Vancouver, Canada.  My family relocated to Santa Rosa, California in 1951.  Eager to learn and deveop my passion for art, I enrolled in Santa Rosa Community College at age 36.  Because of those excellent classes, I went out and bought a "How to Oil Paint" book, which led to my first ever solo oil painting.  I was blessed to take classes under Lloyd Thorston.  The majestic mountains brought out my deepest ambitions and I began to paint with my soul.  Capturing my paintings with colorful strokes and use of light brushes and self designed palette knives, now gives my paintings a three dimensional appearance.

   A company from Denver, Colorade, Harding Lawson and Associates, gave me the opportunity to paint eight originals for their company, that jump started my career.  Once the paintings were noticed, I started to be widely accepted to many art shows and was overwhelmed with the positive response on all platforms.  Articles started to be written about me in magazines and newspapers such as, Castle Rock New Press, Artist Magazine, Art Collector Magazine, Southwest  Art Magazine, etc..  I gave TV interviews and live demonstrations every summer from 2005 to 2013,  Exhibiting throughout Colorado, Florida, California, the New York Art Expo., Celebration of the Arts and Scottsdale Art Expo..  Though I am honored to been in these public and invitational expositions, my proudest moments are receiving 1st place in the Summit County Art Show, and La Quinta Fine Arts Show in California.  If you would like to know more about myself and my journey as an artist, I have a book I published in 2009 titled "Art by Faith".

   As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak of the feelings that lie deep within my soul and the beauty that exists around me.  I try  with every piece of work to breathe life into what God has created through light, color and my spirit.

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